Titan OS partners with leading local European ad sales houses to expand reach among advertisers across Europe

Mar 19, 2024

  • Joining forces with local partners including EXTE, Goldbach, Media16, RTL AdAlliance, ShowHeroes, and Stamp expands advertiser access to easily-discoverable, innovative & brand-safe CTV inventory

  • Partnerships with sales houses in countries experiencing rapid growth in CTV adoption gives advertisers confidence through the combination of deep market knowledge & European reach

Titan OS S.L. (Titan OS), the technology, entertainment, and advertising company based in Barcelona, today announces its partnership with leading European ad sales houses EXTE, Goldbach, Media16, RTL AdAlliance, ShowHeroes and Stamp. 

Through these strategic partnerships, Titan OS strengthens its European presence and impact in the CTV landscape. Leveraging the expertise and extensive network of local sales houses, Titan OS will provide access to its inventory to advertisers in key territories such as Germany (Goldbach), UK (Media16), Spain (EXTE), France (Stamp), the Nordics, Belgium, the Netherlands (ShowHeroes), Italy and other international markets (RTL AdAlliance).

These partnerships give advertisers better access to the easily-discoverable and brand-safe inventory on the CTV operating system and its channels, thanks to the partners’ extensive portfolio of buyers from world-leading agencies and brands.

Following the expansion of the Titan OS channel lineup through collaborations with top media networks, sales partners will have the opportunity to offer their buyers a solution to one of the biggest challenges CTV advertisers face: improved discoverability. 

“These partnerships mark a significant milestone in Titan OS’ mission to rethink TV through a win-win business model approach. For advertisers, Titan OS combines impactful, brand safe, premium ad opportunities on the big home screen with the targeting and measurement capabilities of digital” said Tim Edwards, COO at Titan OS.

By featuring channels prominently on the homepage and seamlessly integrating broadcast and streaming  feeds in the EPG, Titan OS is not only improving content discovery for audiences but also increasing the potential reach of advertising. 

Advertising partners, brands and agencies can also be confident in Titan OS’ commitment to balancing the power of personalisation with the demands for increased consumer privacy thanks to its previously announced partnership with OneTrust. With user privacy at the core of both personalised content recommendations and targeted advertising, OneTrust's CMP helps Titan OS safeguard user privacy and enable compliance with privacy regulations and industry frameworks.

Through strategic partnership with TP Vision, the international company responsible for the design, manufacturing, marketing and sales of Philips branded TVs, Titan OS already powers Philips and AOC's Linux 2024 Smart TVs across Europe and will be progressively rolled out to earlier models via an automatic software update. It will also be the operating system on JVC Smart TVs in the UK throughout 2024. Available for licensing, Titan OS allows TV manufacturers without their own operating system to access its wide selection of content and unlock new recurring revenue streams. Meanwhile, content owners will benefit from additional distribution opportunities to reach unique audiences and optimised monetisation strategies.

About Titan OS S.L. 

Titan OS S.L. is a technology company headquartered in Barcelona, with branches in Amsterdam and Taipei. The company specialises in developing software and solutions to unleash the full potential of Connected TV. We are re-thinking TV to change the way people discover content and how brands connect with audiences, making content discovery easier. Our aim is to foster collaborations across the entire TV ecosystem to grow business together with TV manufacturers, retailers, media companies, content creators, publishers, and brands.

Our independent operating system powers smart TV devices from world-class manufacturers across Europe and Latin America, offering millions of viewers a personalised experience from the moment they switch on their TV. With tailored recommendations, we seamlessly integrate all the content on the homepage, from streaming subscription services, free and paid movies, series and TV shows to linear channels.  

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